Small Cells HOSTING

Small Cells Hosting is a service which assists telecom operators in augmenting their 4G networks for data capacity offload, network quality improvement and enhanced customer experience in high traffic density locations in urban centers, or those towns where 4G signal density requires enhancement. Small Cells, which are miniaturized base stations, are able to be installed and operated closer to where end consumers need improved 4G signals by being installed on the sites which we build, own and operate.

  • Turnkey execution & management of small cell sites including Planning, Site Acquisition, Transmission Planning, Site Build and Operations
  • India’s largest neutral small cell host and preferred partner for Telcos
  • Operations in 21+ states & 180+ towns with rapid expansion in rest of the cities/towns
  • 90%+ of sites connected to fiber backhaul
  • 2,000+ Kms of aerial fiber deployed
  • Rapid time to Market – Average 7 days from site order (approval) to site readiness
  • Marquee location such as Gateway of India, Varanasi Ghats, Jallianwala Bagh, Somnath Temple and Ajmer Dargah